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Here we will write down all changes, fixes and updates, that we do to the site. For now (16.08.2022) we will count as site on 1.00 stage. With site work only one programmer and me, founder. You can help us with money if you wanted (PayPal - [email protected]), or just write me to email [email protected].

UPD: 1.04 - 19.03.2023 Was implemented next changes:

  • In the registration form, the United States was set as the default country for the United States. They did the same for Russia and Ukraine
  • Removed sharing buttons that are no longer relevant
  • The /view/ branch was removed from the poll URL . Now the url looks like this Made redirects from old links 
  • We did the same with the tag pages. The /search/ branch has been removed from Redirects made from old links.

UPD: 1.03 - 03.12.2022 We optimized the website. Now he run faster. 

new pagespeed

UPD: 1.02 - 26.08.2022 There was empty blank space under footer. We fixed it
before changes

UPD: 1.01 - 17.08.2022 Was fixed CLS to main pages. Such as main paige, poll page, tag page.
Before changes
after changes